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Our franchise thrives on creativity. Many of the items in our store are from independent retailers who have custom brands and original lines of clothing. Our tailors and sales team take pride in helping our customers design and build original custom made clothing.

Our custom clothing department consists of tailors who are able to guide our clients in creating attire completely from scratch. We provide a consultation for design where our tailor will sit down with a client and design the article of clothing. We do everything from custom suits, jeans, and sports jackets.

The process for our formal attire is similar to that of a bespoke tailor, who will start the design process by listening to the details of what you have in mind. Our tailor will then give you suggestions and present the options that are available regrading fabric and features.

Once a blueprint has been decided, measurements are taken and the building process will begin. The majority of our clients build custom suits which require at least two fittings to perfect the fit. Our clients are called in for the first fitting and usually we can get the adjustments down to no more than one additional fitting to finalize delivery, unless the suit is made bespoke.

The process for building bespoke suits requires more time and effort in regards to the building phase. The actual suit is not cut from a predesigned template but from the design and sketches that the tailor and client have come up with. The suit is constructed through multiple phases in order to provide a closer more comfortable fit. The time, effort and investment are considerably more than our custom suits, however every suit is made to provide a superior fit.

Our custom design department offers every client their own consultation free of charge with an expert tailor to offer advice and suggestions. Our shop caters to all who have a creative taste and a flare for the boldest attire.